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sky view of grey 2021 Mazda6 driver side waiting at intersection for people to cross street

How Much Interior Space Does the 2021 Mazda6 Have to Offer?

2021 Mazda6 Passenger and Trunk Space Dimensions

When shopping for a new midsize sedan, you most likely focus on finding a model with reliable performance, innovative technology, several standard safety features, and modern styling. However, you can also benefit from a sedan that has a spacious interior. The 2021 Mazda6 is a midsize sedan that will not only provide you with the performance specs and innovative features that you desire but also with a spacious interior. Today, we will be sharing with you the passenger and trunk space dimensions of the 2021 Mazda6, available in Fontana, CA! Keep on reading!

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2021 Mazda6 black exterior rear fascia passenger side driving

How Many Engines Are Available for the 2021 Mazda6?

2021 Mazda6 Engine Power and Performance Specs

There’s no better feeling than pressing down on the gas pedal and hearing the roar of the engine and enjoying the wind in your hair. While many people look for this feeling in sports car, you can also find this experience in your daily driving car. The 2021 Mazda6, available in Fontana, CA, has powerful engines that provide an exhilarating experience. Keep reading as we explore the power and performance specs of these engines.

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2021 Carbon Edition cx-5 cx-9 and mazda6 models in warehouse

Mazda Announces a New Carbon Edition for Select 2021 Models

Which 2021 Mazda Models Will Have the Carbon Edition Available?

Every vehicle in the Mazda lineup delivers dynamic driving and stand out styling. These features allow drivers to enjoy the roads and incite a feeling of passion. Wanting to take this feeling to the next level, Mazda announced that they would be adding a Carbon Edition to three models for 2021. Which 2021 Mazda models will have the Carbon Edition available as an option? Keep reading to find out!

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2020 Mazda6 grey exterior driver side parked

What colors are available for the 2020 Mazda6?

2020 Mazda6 Exterior Paint Color Options

Many people who are interested in the 2020 Mazda6, bought it because of its sporty performance. While this sedan is powerful, it is also stylish. The bold lines and strong body help provide a strong and sophisticated style. Another feature that helps amplify the style is the paint color. What colors are available for the 2020 Mazda6? Keep reading for the exterior paint color options! Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Mazda 6

What’s New for the 2020 Mazda 6?

Mazda 6: 2020


The Mazda 6 is a mid-size passenger sedan that has been an integral part of Mazda’s vehicle line-up since its initial release on the mainstream auto market in 2002. The Mazda 6 model is now in its third generation and has undergone many updates, upgrades, and redesigns throughout the past two decades—almost—since it first hit the market. For the 2020 model year, the Mazda 6 is available in 5 different trim levels—the Mazda 6 Sport, the Mazda 6 Touring, the Mazda 6 Grand Touring, the Mazda 6 Grand Touring Reserve, and the Mazda 6 Signature. The starting price of the 2020 Mazda 6 is
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2020 Mazda6 exterior driver side parked on side of street

Does the 2020 Mazda6 have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

The 2020 Mazda6 has nimble handling and steering which provides an enjoyable driving experience. However, people are looking into the smartphone compatibility of vehicles. As more people have smartphones now, they prefer to have the option to connect their phone with their vehicle.

People particularly want to know if a vehicle has Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ as they have grown in popularity in the past few years. So, does the 2020 Mazda6 have Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™? Simply put, yes it does. Read the rest of this entry >>

Shiny 2020 Mazda3 and grey 2020 Mazda6, separated by a diagonal line and a "VS" logo.

What’s the difference between the 2020 Mazda3 and the 2020 Mazda6?

2020 Mazda3 Vs. 2020 Mazda6

The 2020 model year Mazda vehicles are pouring onto dealership lots as we speak (er, write), and we couldn’t be more excited. Six months from now the “2020” designation will be the norm, and a year from now it will seem like old news, but for the moment it’s on the very cutting-edge and we’re going to enjoy it while we can.

Two models we’re particularly happy to see are the 2020 Mazda3 and 2020 Mazda6. Both vehicles get some slight additions for the 2020 model year. The Mazda6 gets a new keyfob and trunklid badge on its top Signature trim, but mostly it’s still riding high on the three redesigns its been blessed with over the past six years. The Mazda3, for its part, gets new standard equipment (all trims now include the i-Activsense driver assist suite).

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