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Why Year End Mazda Savings Could Be Your Best Bet

Why Year-End Mazda Savings Could Be Your Best Bet

It’s no secret that high-end options are available on all new models. However, it can be not easy to justify paying extra for something you might not even use that often. This is why many car shoppers turn to Mazda for their next purchase. Year-End Mazda Savings can help keep your payment low while still satisfying your need for speed and style. Below are some of the features available on the Mazda models.

Mazda has designed every one of its vehicles to be a pleasure to drive. No matter what your preferences are, Mazda can accommodate them with ease. If you’re looking for a comfortable family car that will effortlessly get you and everyone else where they need to go without drawing too much attention, look into the Mazda3 or the Mazda6. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a more sporty car, look no further than the Mazda3 or Mazda MX-5.

Luxury, style, and performance found during Mazda Year-end savings

With various options at a range of prices, Year-End Mazda Savings can help you save money while still getting the car or truck that fits your needs. Please stop by our dealership to see how we can help you today.

Luxury, Style, and Performance for a Price You Can Love

Choosing a new car can be difficult because you have to think about many factors. How much will it cost? Does it have all the features you need? Will it still look good after a few years? Mazda is bringing all the benefits of a luxury car to an affordable price. The focus on performance and style allows you to own a vehicle with incredible features without worrying about going over your monthly budget.

The Newest in Safety Technology Keep You Feeling Safe Behind the Wheel

Driving can be unpredictable; that’s why the team at Mazda focuses on creating safe cars. They know that accidents happen, so they work to make it easier for you to get out of any situation with the added security technology. These safety features include rearview cameras, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. The goal is to ensure your peace of mind when you’re on the road.

Price Have Room for Other Expenses

One of the problems with luxury cars is that they’re expensive to maintain over time. This high expense has many people looking for something more affordable and practical. The Mazda provides all of the benefits of a luxury vehicle without having to worry about your budget going over the limit. These prices are just the base cost, and you may qualify for special financing rates.

All of the Extras Make Mazda an Ideal Choice

A new Mazda has all the stylish features you love at a price that won’t break the bank. Anyone looking for luxury without the high cost will appreciate these vehicles. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, feel free to stop by our dealership and check them out today! Year-End Mazda Savings is designed to help you live your life without worrying about where your money goes.

This is why Mazda offers such great deals this time of year. You can get all the styles and technologies without forcing yourself to go over budget. This is why we hope that you consider Mazda as your next purchase. Make Year-End Mazda Savings a reality with our help.

Mazda has designed every one of its vehicles to be a pleasure to drive. No matter what your preferences are, Mazda can accommodate them with ease. If you’re looking for a comfortable family car that will effortlessly get you and everyone else where they need to go without drawing too much attention, look into the Mazda3 or Mazda6. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more sporty car, look no further than the Mazda3 or Mazda MX-5.

Mazda CX-50 Crossover in Puente Hills?

Mazda CX-50 Crossover in Puente Hills?

Mazda has popular vehicles of many different classes within its vehicle lineup, but this major Japanese automaker is best-known for the SUVs they design and produce. Virtually every SUV that Mazda releases quickly skyrockets to extreme popularity, which is especially impressive considering how competitive the SUV class currently is in the auto industry. The Mazda CX-50 is the latest next-generation crossover SUV release from Mazda. This eagerly-awaited crossover SUV has not yet been released, but keep reading to learn more about what is currently known about this elusive crossover and where you can find it if you’re located in or around Puente Hills, California. 

About the New Mazda Crossover

Not much is known for sure yet about the Mazda CX-50. It has not officially debuted yet, so no one really knows exactly what it will look like or what features it will have. 

Most of the information that is currently available about the Mazda CX-50 is simply rumored to be true rather than having been actually confirmed by Mazda itself. It is important to keep this in mind while reading the following information about some of the rumored features of the upcoming Mazda CX-50. 

The Mazda CX-50 is expected to be a sporty crossover in both performance and style. In fact, the CX-50 is rumored to be the first Mazda vehicle to be released with Mazda’s brand-new, exclusive rear-wheel-drive platform that Mazda has been developing for many years. This rear-wheel-drive platform has been officially confirmed by Mazda, but it is not known for sure whether this new model will be built with this platform. 

Two engine options are expected to be available for the Mazda crossover when this long-awaited crossover SUV hits the mainstream auto market. These two engine options will likely include a 3.0-L engine with Mazda’s SkyActiv-X technology and a 3.3-L six-cylinder diesel engine. Both of these engines are expected to be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive will likely be an available option for the Mazda CX-50. 

Not much is known about the interior style, fuel economy, tech features, or amenities that the crossover will feature when it is finally released. However, if Mazda’s wildly popular crossover SUV models are any indication, the Mazda CX-50 is very unlikely to disappoint in these areas. 

Where to Buy the Mazda CX-50 in Puente Hills 

The Mazda CX-50 has not yet hit the mainstream auto market, which means that it is currently unavailable for purchase from any car dealership. That being said, the Mazda CX-50 is expected to be released to official Mazda dealerships as soon as mid-2022—it will likely be a 2023 model—and it’s a good idea to be prepared for where to buy the Mazda CX-50 ahead of time because this next-generation crossover SUV model from Mazda is expected to sell out very quickly once it is released. 

New Mazda Crossover

If you are located in Puente Hills, CA, or its surrounding areas throughout Los Angeles County, consider purchasing your Mazda CX-50 from Puente Hills Mazda. Puente Hills Mazda is an official Mazda dealership that is located within the City of Industry. 

This top-rated official Mazda dealership offers superb customer service and is home to a diverse lineup of both new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles that are available at some of the lowest prices you can find in Los Angeles County. Plus, Puente Hills Mazda consistently offers special deals and discounts that help make the vehicle models they sell even more affordable for budget-conscious drivers. 

In addition to selling new and pre-owned Mazda models, Puente Hills Mazda also features a full-service center that offers general maintenance services as well as part replacements and major repairs. All of the technicians who are part of the team at the Puente Hills Mazda service center are committed to providing affordable, top-quality service to all of the Mazda models they maintain or repair. 

If you have your heart set on the Mazda CX-50, keep checking back with Puente Hills Mazda. Visit this official Mazda dealership’s website, give them a call, or visit their lot to keep up with the latest news on the Mazda CX-50 and to get your hands on this new crossover model as soon as it is released on the mainstream auto market.

grey 2021 Mazda6 driver side rear fascia driving fast on highway in rocky desert area

Which Mazda Models Have Been Discounted for the 2022 Model Year?

Mazda Announces Discontinuation of CX-3 and Mazda6 Models

At the end of May, Mazda came out with news that may have made some fans sad. On May 21st, Mazda announced that the CX-3 and the Mazda6 models would be discontinued for the 2022 model year. While we are sad to see these models go, we are here today to discuss why Mazda made the decision to discontinue them. Keep reading to learn more about this announcement!

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white 2022 Mazda MX-30 front fascia driver side driving fast on city street

When Will the Mazda MX-30 be Available in the United States?

Back in April, Mazda announced that they would be adding its first battery-electric vehicle to the lineup. The all-new Mazda MX-30 will mark the beginning of the brand’s entry into the world of electrification. This model will have the signature driving dynamics and design that we’ve all come to expect from our Mazda models. If you want to know when the Mazda MX-30 will be available in the United States, keep reading this blog!

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Mazda Named the Most Reliable Automotive Brand

Mazda Named the Most Reliable Automotive Brand

Japanese-based automotive brand Mazda is one of the top-rated vehicle brands on the mainstream auto market. Most notably, they have produced some of the most popular and highest-selling SUV models in recent years—including the ultra-popular CX-9 and CX-30 SUVs—and the SUV vehicle class is currently incredibly competitive due to recently heightened demand for crossover SUVs on the mainstream auto market. Not to mention, being the most reliable automotive brand on the road.

Most Reliable Automotive Brand

Plus, Mazda actually sold more vehicles in 2020 than they did in 2019. This growth is an accomplishment regardless, but it is especially impressive considering the hit that the auto industry took throughout 2020 due to forced dealership closures and lowered vehicle sales as a result of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For 2020, Mazda was named the most reliable automotive brand among 32 other major automotive brands by reputable non-profit consumer advocacy organization Consumer Reports. 

Keep reading to learn more about vehicle reliability, its importance, and why Mazda was chosen as the number-one most reliable automotive brand by Consumer Reports for 2020. 

What is Reliability? 

As its name suggests, reliability in terms of vehicles refers to how much you are able to rely on your vehicle to get you where you need to go easily and safely. 

Vehicles that are known to be reliable require less maintenance and fewer repairs and part replacements on average than less reliable vehicles. Reliable vehicles are also much less likely than unreliable vehicles to break down unexpectedly, and they depreciate in value more slowly than unreliable models. 

Why is Reliability Important? 

Reliability is not the flashiest or trendiest feature of a vehicle, but it is one of the most important overall despite the fact that it is frequently overlooked and under-considered by car buyers.

Imagine waking up late in the morning, rushing out the door to get to work on time, and realizing that your car won’t start. This is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in, and it’s one that is much more common for drivers who drive unreliable cars than for drivers who drive more reliable vehicles because unreliable cars are more likely to break down suddenly without warning. 

Drivers who drive less reliable vehicles are also likely to pay much more money in auto maintenance, repairs, and part replacements over the years than drivers who drive more reliable vehicles because unreliable vehicles tend to break down and require repairs much more frequently than reliable models. 

Unreliable cars also depreciate in value much more quickly than reliable models because they tend to experience many more minor, moderate, and severe issues than reliable vehicles. This means that, when it’s time to sell your car, its resale value will be much higher if it is a reliable model than if it is a less reliable vehicle. 

Who Determines the Reliability of Auto Brands? 

So how do you know which vehicles are more reliable and which are less reliable? Many different automotive journals and critics in the auto industry regularly offer their own opinions on the reliability of various automotive brands based on the reliability of the vehicles these brands design, produce, and distribute. 

Consumer Reports is one of the most well-respected organizations that releases vehicle reliability rankings—which it does on an annual basis—because it is completely unbiased. This non-profit organization is dedicated to consumer advocacy and has no other agenda with respect to their annual vehicle reliability rankings than to make sure that consumers understand the advantages and disadvantages of a vehicle before they buy it. 

In order to determine the reliability of various auto brands, Consumer Reports sends surveys to hundreds of thousands of respondents—more than 300,000 for their 2020 survey—who drive different models from more than 30 different automakers. Consumer Reports’ survey asks respondents to check off boxes and also write in their own words about any problems their vehicle experienced throughout 2020. These issues include anything from problems with a vehicle’s steering system to engine malfunctions in a vehicle. Consumer Reports bases their auto brand reliability ranking on the average reported reliability of various models from each auto brand.

Auto brands whose vehicles experienced the least problems and needed the fewest number of repairs over the past calendar year are ranked highest on the list, whereas those whose vehicles experienced the most problems and needed many significant repairs are ranked lowest on the list. 

What Sets Mazda’s Reliability Above Other Automotive Brands? 

In their analysis of the reliability of various automotive brands on the mainstream auto market, Consumer Reports reviewed 32 different automakers—including Mazda as well as other popular automotive brands such as Honda, BMW, etc. 

Compared to all these other vehicle brands, Mazda earned the top spot in terms of reliability. This means that respondents to Consumer Reports’ vehicle reliability survey who owned Mazda models experienced fewer problems with their vehicles and their vehicles required less maintenance overall than those from any other automotive brand that was evaluated for reliability by Consumer Reports. 

If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, be sure to make reliability one of your top priorities. Reliability is an extremely important consideration in the car-buying process and—if you’re looking for a reliable car—you can’t go wrong with a Mazda model.