Tire Rotation and Balance in Fontana, CA

When was the last time you got your tires rotated? When was the last time you got them balanced? No matter when your last service appointment was, it’s important that you get these maintenance services done regularly. Professional recommend that you get your tires rotated and balanced every six months. They also suggest doing it every other time you get an oil change. When you do need a tire rotation and balance service, visit us at Fontana Mazda located in Fontana, CA.

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Whether you need your tires rotated or balanced today or tomorrow, be sure to schedule an appointment at Fontana Mazda. Our service team is full of professionally-trained mechanics who will provide you with a fast, friendly and high-quality service experience. Fontana Mazda also carries genuine Mazda parts to provide with you with the proper part. We offer a variety of services including oil change, front end alignment, transmission flush and many more!

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Tire Rotation Signs

While you should be getting your tires rotated every six months, there are signs to look for to determine if you need a rotation earlier. The first sign is uneven wear between the tires. This usually occurs in the front tires more than the rear. The second sign is vehicle vibration at 45 mph and faster. The third sign is one tire losing air pressure faster than the other tires.

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Tire Balance Signs

When you get your tires rotated, you should get them balanced as well. However, just like with tire rotation, there are signs that your tires are out of balance as well. Each sign is more apparent as you continue to drive with unbalanced tires. The first sign is vibration in the steering wheel. The second sign is steering problems. Third sign is uneven tire wear. The fourth sign is bad fuel economy and the fifth sign is bad shocks and bearings.

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Service Specials

No matter if you need to get a tire rotation and balance soon or in the future, be sure to check out our service specials. These coupons can help you save some money at your next service appointment. Not only do we offer coupons for rotation and balance but also for oil changes, alignments and brake fluid exchange. Just print the coupon off ahead of time or show it on your phone at the time of service.

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