Apple CarPlay infotainment screen in 2019 Mazda CX-9

What to Do If Your Mazda Infotainment Screen Freezes

Mazda Infotainment Connection, Lagging Issues

Unfortunately, our in-car entertainment systems are susceptible to malfunctioning just like any other electronic device we use. In-car infotainment systems have become a crucial part of a driver’s commute, from podcasts to music, text messaging to navigation. When these technologies fail us our entire in-car experience can change. Luckily for Mazda drivers, there is a handy trick to restarting your MAZDA CONNECT system for when the infotainment screen freezes or runs into connection or lagging issues. Continue reading to learn more.

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How to Reset the MAZDA CONNECT System Closeup of infotainment system in 2019 Mazda3 Sedan

If you’ve ever had to do a hard reset on your smartphone or computer, you know that it’s usually a tricky combination of buttons to get the system working again. The same goes for your Mazda vehicle. Resetting the MAZDA CONNECT™ infotainment system in your Mazda is easier than you might think, though, and it takes just three buttons to get it working again.

If your Mazda infotainment screen has frozen, isn’t connecting to your Bluetooth®, is lagging, or is choppy, simply press and hold the Mute, Nav, and Back buttons located around the Multifunction Commander Control knob for at least 10 seconds. Pressing and holding these buttons will force the MAZDA CONNECT™ system to restart and your issues should be resolved. Your vehicle does not need to be in park for this trick to work, so feel free to do it while stopped at a train or a stoplight.

Sometimes the Mazda infotainment system won’t respond to this trick and it is likely that the system needs to be updated. You can follow these instructions from Mazda to get your MAZDA CONNECT system back up to date.

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If your Mazda infotainment screen is starting to lag or is losing connection, follow this trick to get it reset and working again. The Fontana Mazda service team is happy to help any car owner reset their infotainment system, so feel free to stop by our service center if you would feel more comfortable with a professional fixing the system.