New or Used Mazda

Should I Buy a New or Used Mazda?

When you’re in the market for your next vehicle, one important decision you have to make is whether to purchase a new or used model. There are benefits and drawbacks to either choice, and the final decision in this area ultimately depends on your lifestyle, your priorities as a driver, and which features you value in the vehicles you drive. 

If you know you want a Mazda, you’re already on the right track. Mazda is a tried-and-true auto brand and one of the biggest, most recognizable multinational automakers in the world. Mazda has been a player on the auto market since it was originally founded more than a century ago in 1920. 

Mazda produces a wide range of vehicles that are as safe and reliable as they are stylish and fun to drive. This innovative automaker is responsible for several of the most popular, highest-performing vehicle models that are currently available on the mainstream auto market. The Mazda3, Mazda CX-5 crossover, and the Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car are all examples of high-performing bestsellers that came straight from Mazda. 

If you’re in the market for a Mazda but aren’t sure whether to purchase a new or used Mazda model, keep reading to learn some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages of both of your options so that you can make an informed decision that makes you feel confident. 

High Reliability 

Reliability is a major concern among many drivers who are in the market for a used car. Because pre-owned cars have been driven a certain number of miles by other drivers before you, they tend to be less reliable, have more mechanical issues, and generally stop functioning from wear and tear more quickly than brand new cars. 

That being said, Mazda is known for the reliability and durability of the vehicles they produce. In fact, Consumer Reports ranked Mazda as the number-one most reliable auto brand of 2020. Due to the high reliability of Mazda models, you’re unlikely to encounter many major mechanical problems even with a pre-owned Mazda that already has some miles logged on it by past drivers. 

Plus, Mazda vehicles are known for their durability. Even a pre-owned Mazda model that already has 50,000+ miles logged on it can most probably serve you well on the

road for many more years to come. For example, the Mazda3 compact car has been known to remain safe and functional on the road for 200,000 or more miles—with many drivers reporting that they are still driving their Mazda3 even after logging more than 300,000 miles on it. 

Continuous Innovation 

More than any other major automaker on the market, Mazda is known for innovation. Mazda is a trendsetter on the auto market. They are willing to be adventurous and take risks in the design and construction of the vehicles they produce and mass distribute around the world. 

An overwhelming majority of the time, the risks that Mazda takes pay off well for this automaker. Mazda’s innovations in safety, fuel efficiency, drivability, and more have allowed this automaker and their vehicles to remain relevant—and wildly popular, at that—on the mainstream auto market for more than 100 years with no sign of sales slowing down anytime soon. 

The innovative spirit of Mazda means that their vehicles are always changing and gaining new and different features with each model year. As such, purchasing a brand new Mazda might be the right choice for you if you want your vehicle to have the latest and greatest in terms of Mazda’s innovations. 

Advancing Safety Tech 

On a similar note, buying a new Mazda is your best bet if you want your vehicle to be as safe as possible. Mazda is a leader in vehicle safety. This automaker has been at the forefront of some of the most groundbreaking vehicle safety tech features over the years. 

Mazda’s i-ACTIVESENSE safety tech gives passengers and drivers alike peace of mind on the road with pre-crash technologies and advanced safety and driver-assistance features. Since safety is one of Mazda’s top priorities, the safety-related tech features this automaker includes in their vehicles advances with virtually every model year. Purchasing a pre-owned Mazda model might cause you to miss out on brand new safety features that may only be available for brand new models. 

Whether you choose to buy a brand new or used Mazda vehicle model, you can’t go wrong. Consider all of your options carefully before making your decision, and you’re sure to find a Mazda model that you love—whether it’s brand new or pre-owned.