2020 Mazda CX-30

What is Mazda Infotainment?

Mazda Infotainment

In today’s modern world, technology plays a major role in many aspects of everyday life. The integration of tech into homes and cars to improve their efficiency, convenience, and ease of use is continuously on the rise.

2020 Mazda CX-30

2020 Mazda CX-30

Many modern cars feature infotainment systems that are designed—as their name suggests—to both inform and entertain drivers and passengers via audio/video interfaces and a touchscreen display built into the center console of the vehicle to provide easy access for drivers. Common features of modern in-car infotainment systems include various entertainment options that offer drivers hands-free access to music, podcasts, etc., a built-in navigation system, and active safety features.

Most modern infotainment systems are equipped with a voice command feature that allows drivers to access entertainment options, send text messages, make phone calls, etc. using only voice commands to minimize distracted driving.

Most infotainment systems are also capable of linking to drivers’ mobile devices via Bluetooth so that drivers can access their contacts list, navigation system, music library, etc. directly through their car’s infotainment system while on the road.

As advanced infotainment systems have become a standard feature that many drivers expect to be included in any new car, many major automakers have developed their own exclusive infotainment systems. Mazda Connect is the exclusive infotainment system from Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Company. Mazda Connect offers all of the high-tech features that have become standard in most modern infotainment systems while prioritizing safety, convenience, and ease of use for drivers and passengers and encouraging distraction-free driving.

Safety First

2020 Mazda CX-30

2020 Mazda CX-30 Heads-Up Display

Mazda Connect emphasizes safety and convenience for drivers and passengers alike.

This high-tech, modern infotainment system aims to minimize distracted driving by offering drivers access to entertainment, information, and navigation options without requiring them to take their eyes or focus off the road.

Mazda vehicles that are equipped with Mazda Connect are designed with a built-in 7.0- or 8.0-inch touchscreen, a user-friendly rotary dial, and several surrounding buttons—many of which offer quick shortcuts to the system’s most popular features (i.e. music, navigation, etc.) with a single press of a button.

The Mazda Connect has a human-centered design with multiple features that encourage drivers to put safety first at all times. The central touchscreen display is positioned above the car’s dashboard.  This allows drivers to use the Connect’s interface without taking their eyes off of the road. The rotary dial and shortcut buttons make it easier and faster for drivers to navigate the interface without actually focusing on the display while they’re driving. Many Connect features are also accessible via voice command without requiring drivers to touch or make eye contact with the system’s interface.

Intelligent Drive Master

One notable feature of Mazda Connect is its built-in Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM) system. Also, this exclusive system is designed to make driving more fun for drivers, more comfortable for passengers, and more convenient for everyone in the car.

The i-DM system is built into the Connect interface. It offers drivers real-time, clear color-coded feedback on how “intelligently” they’re driving. This feedback lets drivers know how efficiently and smoothly they are driving to maximize passenger comfort and fuel economy to minimize waste.

App Integration

A top priority of Mazda Connect is to allow drivers to simultaneously enjoy distraction-free driving and the convenience of their smartphone’s features on the road. As such, Bluetooth connection is a standard feature of the infotainment system. While the Mazda Connect’s app integration is widely considered to be somewhat limited by the standards set by other modern infotainment systems, it does offer some level of app integration.

Mazda Connect links with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to play music directly from drivers’ or passengers’ libraries and allow drivers to access their contact lists straight from their smartphone. Connect offers a high-tech navigation system as an add-on option, but drivers who don’t want to pay for this addition feature can access Google Maps and Waze via CarPlay or Android Auto. The system also connects with Mazda’s Mobile Start app, which enables functions that include remote start/lock/unlock, assistance with finding your car when it is parked in an unfamiliar place, etc.