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What safety technology is included with Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE®?

If you’ve been looking into purchasing a new Mazda, you’ve probably noticed that they have Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE® included in their features. You might be wondering what it is and what it includes. This is Mazda’s suite of safety technology that helps support safe driving, helps to prevent collisions, and reduce collision damage. What safety technology is included with Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE? Keep reading to find out!

i-activsense sensor graphicSafety features of the Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE®

Before we tell you what features are included in i-ACTIVSENSE®, we need to give you a warning. These systems do not replace being an attentive and responsible driver. When using these systems, remember to follow the rules of driving.

  1. Adaptive Front-Lighting System. This will point the low-beam headlights in the direction that you are steering.
  2. High-Beam Control. The headlights are automatically switched between high and low beams to help you drive safely.
  3. Mazda Radar Cruise Control. The speed of the vehicle is automatically controlled to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you.
  4. Rear Vehicle Monitoring System. This system will alert you when there are vehicles approaching from the rear on the highway.
  5. Lane Departure Warning System. LDWS detects lane markings on the road and will warn you if you unintentionally exit the lane.
  6. Forward Obstruction Warning. If a collision is detected, an alarm will be sounded to alert the driver.
  7. Smart City Brake Support & Smart Brake Support. These two systems help prevent front collisions and reduce damage by preparing the brake system.
  8. Acceleration Control for Automatic Transmission. This system prevents sudden take-offs by curbing engine output when the accelerator pedal is accidentally pressed.

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